Peggy Harkins - Wood and Fiber Art
About My Work

Measuring woodMy work begins with raw chunks of wood (mostly eco-friendly) often milled and glued together to make the bigger chunks or boards, depending on my end product. All forms are built and shaped by hand. After the general shape has been created and the intricate patterns carved, the sanding begins. Seven different grits of sandpaper get me to my finished product. Sandwiched between the sanding is my texturing and coloring process.

Gluing the wood panels into a board

The unique weaving together of texture, pattern, and color one finds with different cultures are the root source of inspiration for my work. The luscious feel of silk, the intricate patterns in handmade carpets, the naturally dyed wools, this is what I take home from my travels and transfer into my art.

Carving and paint ing

As an artist, not unlike that of a small child, the way to interpret and capture the world around you, always changes.This is both a challenge and a pleasure. I am particularly interested in furthering the sculptural aspects of my works, and fascinated by the opportunities that lie ahead.


Most work is available in the various galleries or on-line.  However if you have specified thoughts about an piece that you may want,  I will be more than happy to discuss possible custom work with you.